Doc Brady

Meet Doc Brady, a Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award winner (2010), Life Coach, Advanced Forensic Investigator, Author and Public speaker.  Always on the move, Doc is passionate about helping his community in the Central Florida area.

Also known as Dennis Brady, Doc has been volunteering since 1970 when he decided to volunteer to drive an ambulance and act as an medical attendant in Merrimack, New Hampshire.  From that moment Doc’s volunteering experience took off and he began volunteering for police departments and sheriff departments as an Auxiliary Officer, Crime Prevention Officer and Forensic expert.  One of only 500 individuals to hold the Crime Prevention Certification issued by The Attorney Generals Office after much training in Florida. Doc Brady has appeared on shows like Dr. Phil as an expert Forensic Investigator and has aided the most popular #1 TV show, CSI, as a forensic consultant to help put together shows.

Among Doc’s other past volunteering experiences you could have found him spending time with the county fire and rescue team serving under Fire/Police.  Recently Dennis Brady was asked by the people of a community in Tenn. to build and equip a fire station where he would act as fire chief. Doc also was appointed as a Justice/Magistrate, by two separate Governors – serving a five year term with each.  During this time Doc is privileged to sign warrants, set bail and try civil cases. Presently Doc Brady Volunteers for the Florida State Court System, and he is an officer of the court.

Doc Brady sits on a total of four boards and including his time as the former CEO of The National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards.  Listed as an expert in The Library of Congress Referral Center he was also in The Source Yearbook of Experts, Authorities and Spokespersons (1997-98).  Dennis Brady has held memberships in the American Counseling Association (ACA), the Association for Assessment in Counseling and Education (AACE) and in the American College Counseling Association (ACCA).

A published scholar, business consultant and certified motivational instructor, Doc has hosted a radio talk show on WALE, quoted by magazines like Red Book and Woman’s World, and has been interviewed on Polish T.V.