How Helping Others Helps You

doc bradyAlthough Dr. Dennis Brady (Doc Brady) spends a considerable portion of his days working, he never waivers from his commitment to community service and his ardent belief that volunteering doesn’t just improve the lives of others – it improves the lives of the volunteers as well. There are a number of reasons this is the case. Anyone who has the means to donate their time helping others should absolutely make it a priority to do so. The benefits of giving yourself to a good cause may surprise you!

Expand Your Social Network

One of the best way to forge lasting connections with other people is to work on the same project together. By completing activities as part of a team, relationships are not only born, but often strengthened. Think about your day-to-day life on a personal level. In school, as part of a sports teams, and in the workplace are some situations in which many people make some of their closest and longest lasting friendships. One thing those places have in common? Ample opportunity for teamwork.

People, at a biological level, are social creatures. Volunteering strengthens your ties to the community by exposing you to new people who care about the same cause as you and are willing to work with you to make a difference.

Benefit Your Body and Mind

Volunteering can be wonderful for boosting self-image, self-esteem, and self-worth. In other words, it can improve your overall life satisfaction dramatically. When people come to witness first hand the ways in which they have the power to make their community better, many are often pleasantly surprised by just how much change they can affect. Volunteering, in other words, is often a pleasant reminder of how much you matter.

This ties into how volunteering can improve both your physical and mental health. In addition to improving your self-esteem, it can also ward off depression. A huge risk factor for depression is social isolation, so getting out in the world as part of a team willing to

ork together to make it a better place diminishes that threat. Similarly, because much volunteer work (depending on your interests and passions) can be physically engaging, it can also be a great way to get out of the house and be more active! Running around your community to make it a better place might end up burning more calories than you might expect.

Improve Your Career

Even though there is no paycheck waiting at the end of a volunteering commitment, that certainly does not mean that your career won’t benefit from you making the time to help others. In some cases, the ability to improve your career prospects are obvious – volunteering with a company or non-profit for which you would like to work is a fantastic way to meet some key employees, make a good impression, and get your foot in the door. This is not to mention that you could volunteer in a capacity that builds job skills. Donating your time as a part-time educator, public speaker, counselor, and many other roles allows you to develop some very impressive skills that will definitely come in handy during the job search process.

In other instances, the fact that you have a passion for which you are willing to volunteer could really round you out in the eyes of a hiring manager. Volunteering is a great way to illustrate that you go above and beyond in your work ethic.

Clearly, when you volunteer to help others, everyone wins.


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